Rustic charm of Matanzas, Cuba

True enough, visiting Cuba is like travelling back in time. It is amazing to see that in the 21st century, Cuba consistently remained vintage, yet, somehow it is slowly catching up with the modern world. When visiting Cuba, the first place that comes out to many is Havana, but, there are other interesting places to visit aside from Havana while in Cuba.

It is time to give a little spotlight to Matanzas, a hidden charming town between Havana and Varadero. Matanzas has a lot of equally quaint vintage delights to offer like Havana, and oftenly skipped by many tourists to discover.


Saying that, if you are looking for a break from touristy hype during your vacation in Cuba, Matanzas can provide you that break. Personally, I like that type of break while on a vacation, to have a moment wherein you can blend in the crowd and have a sense of being a local even just for a couple of hours.

Entering Matanzas, I noticed that it is such a pretty quaint place with waterways dividing the town. Walking along the street, it was interesting to know that Matanzas is known for its Afro-Caribbean culture, poets and the birthplace of rumba.

Plaza de la Libertad -TMC

Just like other small towns, the heart of Matanzas is the Parque de la Libertad where people gather around and unwind. On the sides of the park, you’ll see a movie theater, casino, hotel, museum, restaurant and town hall.  It is also evident the cleanliness of the area and how the well maintained the center is, which makes the park inviting. Of course, you will not miss the beautiful sight of vintage cars honking around as you enjoy your down time by the park.

Street of Matanzas

On a tourist standpoint, the reason I can think of why this town is often missed by tourists is possibly by the lack of apparent tourist attractions, however, the towns remarkable, poetic, and historical background compensate for that. Walking around in this town, you can really feel and see what is like really to be living in Cuba and the difference between the highly maintained and staged tourist districts. Matanzas CubaMatanzas may not  be the cup of tea for many tourists, but, it is a best contender for someone who wish to  break the daily routine of an all-inclusive vacation and have a peek to the daily life of an average Cuban. I enjoyed my visit to Matanzas, as I learned a little more about Cuba.

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