The story behind…

The Mixed Culture is mainly a cultural experience blog site focusing on Guatemala, Philippines and places discovered. Started in 2013, still lingering and continuously evolving personal journey shared in the virtual world. I share a lot of stories about my culture, what I experienced & learned from places I’ve been, far away from home. This blog has progressed (and will always be) to include my inspirations, thoughts, activities, snippets of my family life and advocacies.

I’m passionate about learning new things, experiencing new adventures and culture, and connecting with people. Alongside of sharing adventures, travel escapades stories (hits and misses) and living in foreign lands, this blog site shares life lessons learned and memorable experiences, hoping to inspire others as they read my stories.

A little something about me. I was born and raised in the Philippines, but got married to my Guatemalan husband. I left the Philippines in 2006, traveled to Guatemala, settled in Canada for about 4 awesome years, lived in Guatemala for almost 5 years and now back for good in Canada. Blessed to raise a beautiful son in a multicultural environment.

Thank you for visiting our blog site. There’s more on The Mixed Culture, feel free to camp in and enjoy reading my posts. We’ll see you around. 🙂



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