To Frida’s Path

Aside from rocking the unibrow, that certainly makes Frida stands out at first glance (no pun intended!), I think Frida Kahlo is such a “badass chick”. My admiration for Frida Kahlo’s goes beyond her surrealism artworks to on how she transcends her bravery, resilience and influential ability for a better good amidst her physical challenges and turmoil in personal relationship.


Physically challenged by polio at an early, then later on survived a tragic bus accident, paralysis, fertility issue, and marital conflicts, of which are reasons enough for someone to give up on life, but not Frida. Despite her personal trials, she channelled negative energies to tangible and beautiful artworks. Frida is unconventional and unapologetic. She proved that gender and disabilities are not a hindrance to express individuality and  to create great social impact especially in a country where women are of a lesser status.

Frida inspired many in so many levels including me, that led me to find and be in her path, literally. I was on a mission to find Frida’s home, the famous “La Casa Azul” during my last solo travel in Mexico City. It was a surreal experience for a fan to be in her house, in  her room, in her sanctuary and have a glimpse of how her daily life was then.

La Casa Azul_edited

How did I find Frida Kahlo’s house during my solo travel to Mexico City? La Casa Azul is a tourist destination in Mexico City and one of the stops if you opted to hop into the tourist double decker bus, but, for me, it was an adventure quest to find her home on my own. To Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, here I come! Taking Mexico City’s public transportation, metro and mini bus during rush hour alongside with the locals was an interesting event and will do it again the same way given a chance.

Frida Khalo Museum

If you really like Frida, going to La Casa Azul will be an intimate visit for you. The museum showcases Frida’s works, personal belongings, her iconic bed and a peek to her daily life. Being in her house and seeing her artworks, you will understand that the art, the life, and the love are intertwined. It is evident that Frida used her art to channel her sufferings, dreams and her interpretation of her surroundings. Her works are timeless in all forms, of vivid colors, of relevant and intriguing subject matters.

Tip: Since Frida Kahlo’s Museum is highly visited, it is advisable to buy your tickets ahead of time and online to secure your visit on your desired day. Plus, go early as there is a long line to get in. Bear in mind that the museum is a house, therefore, the space can be a  little crowded with the influx of visitors.

La Casa Azul 1_editedThe visit to La Casa Azul is a treat for someone who sees unconventional beauty interesting, and bravery in an unforgiving place and situation admirable. Frida provoked and created substantial social change through her own individuality.

“Cada tic-tac es un segundo de la vida que pasa, huye, y no se repite. Y hay en ella tanta intensidad, tanto interés, que el problema es solo saberla vivir. Que cada uno lo resuelva como pueda”. – Frida Kahlo

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Con mucho amor,

Imelda ❤


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