A little laughter during pandemic stress.

Needless to say, during the “peak of the first wave” of COVID-19 pandemic everybody has its own way to cope a prevalent situation. Evidently, humor & laughter played its role for everybody to have little break during the period of terrible shock, stressful events and sadness.

When everybody were stuck at home, on different social medias, jokes and memes as a response to COVID-19 are rampant. Obviously, we do not joke on the tragedy itself, the victims of the virus, or the people who are suffering from it. Rather, we took aim at the seemingly absurd situation we are all in. Some may feel uncomfortable to laugh during these overwhelming and unpredictable times, but for some, it may be a necessity to use humor, to laugh a little bit. Some humor and laughter to fight confinement boredom & preoccupation on mundane tasks.

As we say, laughter is the best medicine and humor is a great defense mechanism that help us deal with challenging and tough situation we are all in. Since being at home and having unusual amount of time on our hands, people are taking out all their creative juice and put together some jokes and memes to ease some tension. Here are some memes that I’ve seen, with no intentions to discriminate in any form, but simply how the images put a funny visualization on a specific situation at the time of the pandemic peak.

Memes on fighting boredom.

  1. When you run of things to do at home, maybe try separating coffee, sugar & creamer from your instant coffee pack.
covid-19 meme

2. When you’re killing some time & you already finished your crossword puzzles or Sudoku, maybe try solving this?

Meme on hand-washing.

When you’ve been washing your hands thoroughly to the point that your test cheat sheet resurfaced.

covid-19 meme

Meme on enforcing community quarantine.

When wandering around came to a halt, and “adventurers & explorers” find it hard to stay home.

Meme on social distancing and the craze on K-drama during the pandemic.

When you need to remind yourself & others to respect physical distancing, and you can’t get over with your fave K-drama and “oppa”.

Photo credit: Korean_street_eats on Instagram.

Meme on toilet paper hoarding.

When people went nuts on buying toilet paper.

While humor may not get us out of this pandemic & the fight against the virus is far from over, but humor can certainly help us to deal with it. We cannot change the reality of the disease or the economic impact it caused globally, but we can try to change how we feel about it and find some sort of silver lining from it. When all things seems to be gray, a little good laugh where and there doesn’t hurt.

What about you? Did some of these memes made you laugh during the tough times? Let us know or share with us some memes that cracked you up. 😃

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