A Moto taxi ”Tuk Tuk” or Tricycle Joyride


In terms of transportation Guatemala and Philippines have something in common. Though continents apart, these two countries share a same concept in one of their mode of transportations. Filipinos called it “Tricycle”, while Guatemalans named it ”Tuk Tuk” o “Moto taxi”. They have the same idea of a vehicle with 3 wheels and a carriage attached to a motorbike. Both have the same capacity to carry 3 to 4  people but , sometimes the driver, considers the possibility to squeeze in 1 or 2 more depending on the size of the passengers. However, there are some differences between the two. For Filipinos, tricycles travel around in a community both in the city and rural areas, as for Guatemalans, the Tuk Tuks are commonly used to get around in a small town. The tricycles in the Philippines are well decorated and multi-colored, while the moto taxis in Guatemala opted for a simpler decor and red & white colors. The body of a tricycle is smaller compared to a moto taxi which is slightly longer and wider.

Moto taxi
Moto taxi

The engine and the wheels of a tricycle are of a big motorbike while the moto taxi’s engine and wheels are of a scooter. Regardless of the differences, both vehicles show people’s ingenuity to earn a decent living and the care-free vibe that a  tuk tuk or moto taxi and a tricycle give to the passengers.  That’s a joy ride.

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