Parades, Fireworks, Fiestas, and Viva La Independencia!

DSC03827-1September 15 is a big day for five Central American countries, namely, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. This year marks the 192 years of freedom from Spanish colonization since 1821. Like in many countries, the Independence Day in these five Central  American countries is highly anticipated by many from the city up to the smallest town. But, there is something special on how the people celebrate this occasion; you’ll feel in the air the intense patriotism and you’ll see the best effort of every single person gave to celebrate. All week-long there are colorful & glorious parades from different sectors and regardless what sector it is, all participants show a tremendous amount of energy and passion to honor their country. For children, it is the time to take part in a parade and wear national costumes most especially the clothes that represent the indigenous Mayan. A parade filled with vibrant colors and proud faces flaunting their ornate costumes that show how rich their culture is. As for the parents, a sense of pride painted into their faces as they watch their kids in the parade.

Kids in Mayan Costumes
Kids in Mayan Costumes

The street is also filled with food vendors who sell typical food ranging from fried plantains, granizadas (local refreshment made of crashed ice with flavored with fruit syrup, fruit tidbits and condensed milk), freshly sliced fruits and local sweet delicacy. Many people from small villages go to the town proper to watch and celebrate. Indeed, it is a meaningful celebration to experience .

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