Fiambre, a dish that brings family together.

Like many other countries, Guatemala commemorates the “Day of the Dead” (Dia de los Difuntos o Muertos) in Novemebr. Aside from remembering the departed, a traditional cold dish called Fiambre, also stands out during this celebration. Fiambre started out as a tradition wherein Guatemalans bring the favorite food of their deceased family members to the cemeteries for the “Day of the Dead”. As all different families members brought food to the celebrations, they became mixed, eventually mixing them together to this all-encompassing salad.

Fiambre Photo Source: Wikipedia

Each region has given this dish a different flair, wherein there’s no single recipe how to prepare this ancient dish, eaten only once a year. Fiambre is maybe made of 50 ingredients such cold cut meat, numerous sausages, vegetables like pickled baby-corn and onion, beets, pacaya flower, olives, different cheeses and chicken. It is customary to share your fiambre to other family and relatives.  True enough, fiambre is a dish that brings family together and recipe that demonstrates tradition.

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2 thoughts on “Fiambre, a dish that brings family together.

  1. Two traditions celebrated together in Guatemala, and yet both traditional cultural events are different. Fiambre is only celebrated only on November t, and historically corresponds only to this date, All Saints’ Day.

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