Children in Guatemala at risk

As Guatemala celebrated Children’s Day yesterday, October 1, it is a perfect timing to heighten the awareness about the current situation of children in Guatemalan.  The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) sent a strong warning to the Guatemalan government to further improve the living standards of its young citizens, such as access to proper nutrition as well as to justice. Failing to do so will lead the entire generation at risk. Guatemalan children are at high risk of malnutrition, violence, human trafficking and child labor.

During the last five years, there are 2, 329 children died violently. In 2012, 1,299 minors died, 400 of which were killed by firearm and 28 by arma blanca (knives, machete etc.). It was also registered that in 2011, there were 434 victims of human trafficking and 78% are minors.

According to UNICEF statistics, Guatemala has the sixth-highest malnutrition rates in the world, with 49 per cent of children under five chronically malnourished or stunted. – UN News Centre

Under the current government, the country aims to reduce its chronic under-nutrition by 10% by 2015, adding to that effort is that UN would help to accelerate the progress. In the course of this year, a record of 73 children already died because of malnutrition. Though this number is less compared last year, the government still has to work hard to improve the current condition.

To read more about UN reports and other news on Guatemalan children


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