Sing her a song…do a Harana!

          Commonly practiced in rural areas or small villages, the “Harana” is an old Filipino tradition of courtship wherein a man serenades a woman whom he’s enamored with. Through a romantic song, a man goes to the woman’s house at night accompanied by his friend (s) and a guitar; he will sing his heart out to profess his feelings.  The woman being serenaded will either look at the window to see who is singing and stay longer to finish listening to the song as a sign that she is also interested with her suitor or she’ll close the window that could mean that she does not like him or she is playing hard to get.  A traditional “dalagang Filipina” (Filipina maiden), is secretive and shy about her real feelings towards her suitor even if she likes him, she will deny it, which makes it harder for a man but at the same time, it serves as a test on how sincere his intentions are towards her.

Photo Credit: http://mattersmost.deviantart.com/

So, is Harana still “in” even in modern generation? Filipinos in general are very romantic, and even many will say it is old-fashioned, Harana still lives on. It may be channeled in a different format and  with a different flair, but the essence still remains, a man confessing his true love to the woman through a song which he hopes to win over and to be with. Besides, isn’t it we will do anything for love? Even if you’re out of tune and may look silly, all for the name of love….. Filipino Harana style.

Disclaimer: The Mixed Culture does not own the photo used in this post and proper credit is given to the artist. The photo used  to promote Philippine culture and not for commercial purposes.


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