Lustrador, Antigua, Guatemala

Mr. Shoeshine: Los Lustradores in Guatemala

        No doubt Guatemala is gifted with natural wonders, rich culture, amazing landscapes, but in the midst of that beauty is a sad fact that the country also suffers from great social problems. Despite of the lack opportunities in Guatemala, many still manage to bring home the daily bread through decent work.

Lustrador, Antigua, Guatemala
Lustrador, Antigua, Guatemala
Photo credit: Santiago Billy Prem of Documentary Adrenaline

In front of the church, around the park or in front of big buildings along the business sector not only in the city but in every department of the country, you will see “lustradores”. “Lustre, lustre!!!” as the lustradores shout to attract people to polish or clean boots.  The “lustradores” or shoeshiner will spot  your shoes first along the street before looking at you. With a happy vibe, these lustradores will make sure that your shoes are polished to perfection, leaving you nothing but satisfaction of a good shoeshine. So if you walk through that area, you know where to turn to give a good tint and shine of your shoes.

Shoeshine in Guatemala
Lustradores of Huehuetenango, Guatemala

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