Lost in Translation

          Have you been in a situation wherein you forgot how to say a word or a phrase  that you know in another language, then you go to some translation website and it gives you a sort of odd translation. Some online translation tools can give almost an exact translation of a word or a sentence, and if you speak the language, you can tweak the translation to convey properly what exactly you’re trying to express. However, online translation tools work most with languages that are widely used such as English, Spanish, French or Italian, with some missed marks here and there and not that much with other languages.  To give you an example, go to Google translate and type “I love you very much, baby” and translate it to Filipino. You’ll have a translation that goes like this;


To translate the Filipino translation of the English sentence back to English, it says ” I love you very much, how much is the baby” ( funny isn’t it).  So, don’t rely too much with these online translation tools.  Of course, we are not trying to be a Grammar Nazi, we commit grammar mistakes too. 🙂



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