Lines, curves and roads of Quetzaltenango

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It is given that when you visit a new place, you’ll take a bunch of photos of all the tourist spots. As for me, aside from taking pictures of scenic places, I find some interest in symmetry, curves, lines and shapes. Though it may sound a bit odd to others, I always find myself taking many photos of doors, columns, shapes or anything geometrical when I’m visiting a new place. I looked back to some of my travel photos in Quetzaltenango, I found so many photos of doors, columns, shapes, roads and arches. Some of those I’m sharing in this post. So, where are these photos taken? In Quetzaltenango….where?

Quetzaltenango, is the second largest city in Guatemala. It is also the coldest city in Central America, in the mountain valley at an altitude of 2, 333 meters above sea level. Quetzaltenango, also known as Xelajú [ʃelaˈχu], or simply, Xela [ˈʃela], the indigenous name of the city which means “under 10 mountains”. The city is also the capital of Quetzaltenango Department, in the western highlands of Guatemala.

Xelajú has a rich history and often called as Guatemala’s cultural hub and most progressive city. It also caters many of language schools targeting international students learning Spanish, thus, the city also provides a great opportunity for tourists to immerse their selves to the rich culture of Guatemala and practice the language with the locals.

The city of Quetzaltenango showcases as well colonial architecture of Spanish invaders. It has many museums and theaters that host a variety of art exhibits, theatrical presentations, concerts and conferences. With its location, the city is few kilometers away from several Mayan towns, wherein tourists can learn more and have a taste of Guatemala’s indigenous culture.


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